About Ana

Ana Campos is a Shamanic witch, Reiki Master, Tarot reader, mixed-media artist, and artisan. She was born in Brazil and spent her formative years traveling the world. Her background includes training in various traditions of witchcraft,  shamanic methods, and Usui and Karuna Reiki.

Ana started an apprenticeship through the Old Dianic Tradition in Brazil in 2000. She was then part of the formation of the Dianic Tradition of Brazil, which reflected the tradition's incorporation of shamanic training, a distinction from the original Old Dianic. As the group's work shifted more towards shamanic and elemental methodologies, the High Priestess renamed it the Triskelion Tradition. Ana moved to the U.S. in 2002, where she continues her training. In 2003, returned to Brazil to be initiated as a tradition elder.  

Since then, Ana continues to practice as a Shamanic witch and Elder of the Triskelion Tradition. She received her Reiki Level 1 in 2000, and became a Reiki master in 2002. She is also a 3rd degree Cabot Witch, having been initiated by Laurie Cabot in 2007. Ana continues to study and develop her practice, working with various masters and teachers of shamanism and witchcraft. 

Ana began her artistic training as a traditional oil painter in Bonn, Germany. She studied architecture and art history at Connecticut College, and has studied under contemporary artists such as Pamela Marks, Alisa Burke, Adrienne Sloane, Alena Hennessy, and Orly Avineri. Ana lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and absurdly vast book collection.

Artist Statement

As both artist and artisan, I explore the intersection of and distinction between both paths. My work encompasses the intuitive, the ritualistic, and the cathartic. The work centers on process rather than product, with a focus on emotional and psychological process.