Tarot Spread: Vulnerability and Boundaries

Hello friends! We are here in the midst of Libra season, and I'm finding myself called to revisit my notions of balance in almost every aspect of my life. 

I just returned from an art retreat I host with Orly Avineri, who does wonderful work in bringing together exercises to bring us deeper into ourselves and artistic expression. We spent 5 days immersed in this process, and the theme that came up for me over and over was the interplay between vulnerability and boundaries. In this regard, Orly is a huge inspiration to me. She brings immense vulnerability to her workshops and bares her soul, but she does this in a way where she is still minding her boundaries and the understanding that vulnerability does not create an immediate relationship between people. 

This is a lesson I am working through myself, especially as I am running more workshop and meeting more and more people who are on a path of self discovery. Today's tarot spread is inspired by this. 

  1. Where in my life do I need to be more vulnerable?

  2. What is my first step in allowing this vulnerability?

  3. Where in my life do I need stronger boundaries?

  4. What is my first step in establishing these boundaries?