Ostara, the Cosmic Egg, and the Fool

Today is the vernal equinox, welcoming the beginning of spring. The mythology surrounding Ostara and the goddess Eostre involve rabbits and eggs, elements which were absorbed into Easter. The Hare is considered a totem animal for Eostre, and a symbol for the moon. The earth is starting to awaken from winter's slumber, and the possibility of new life is peeking out. 


Today I find myself thinking about the eggs, or more specifically, the Cosmic or World Egg. The egg is a symbol of fertility and new life. It is sometimes seen as a symbol for the entire universe. The Cosmic Egg is seen in many mythologies, and the distilled concept is the same: The egg as a container for all potential, that which brings forth the new. 

As I deepen my connection to the tarot, the connection between The Fool card and the Cosmic Egg resonates more and more. The Fool is pure, innocent, creative energy. It's the beginning, the very first step in any journey, brimming with potential. In the Rider Waite deck, we see a carefree character, joyfully about to step off a cliff. Rather than a warning, perhaps this is a metaphor for the leap of faith - the willingness to jump into the unknown. Without this leap of faith, many things would never spring forth. 

In the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, which is an oracle deck rather than a tarot deck, the egg motif features heavily. It even includes three cards that are lone eggs unto themselves: the Golden Egg, the Black Egg, and of course, the Cosmic Egg. The Golden Egg is the message of one's Core, a heart message. The Black Egg is one's essential truth and true voice. The Cosmic Egg connection with the cosmic consciousness, perhaps an opening of the Crown Chakra. 


In the Nomad Tarot, I see a merging of the traditional Rider-Waite Fool with the Cosmic Egg. The character is no longer upright, wandering off the edge of a cliff. We now see the character laying down, arms and legs tucked in close, surrounded by budding greenergy. If we were to trace a shape around this figure, it would be an egg. This character is restful, potential energy waiting to awaken. They have become the Cosmic Egg. 

There is so much that could be said about this Fool-Egg connection, but I am going to refocus on the energy of Ostara and how to bring these ideas into honoring the Equinox. Today, I will be, shall we say, tending my eggs. This is a time to look at the projects we've been percolating during the winter months, the seeds we have been planting. Now is the time to nurture them and push them out into the world, to move beyond potential energy to kinetic energy. Happy Ostara!