From Contraction to Expansion: Coming out of Mercury Retrograde

We are finally coming out of Mercury Retrograde, after what has felt like a very long three weeks (culminating with a broken fridge in our home, but I digress). We generally move from contraction to expansion with the coming of Ostara, the spring equinox, but Mercury Retrograde both prolonged and intensified our period of contraction this spring. This came with the challenges of being confronted with turning inwards, but also the benefit of longer incubation. Now, as we move into expansion and projection, we can do so from a place of more preparation and intensity. 

5 of wands.jpg

The medicine of Mercury Retrograde was Temperance. I pulled a card for coming into expansion, with the question "What medicine should we embrace as we move towards manifesting the projects we have been incubating?" It's a bit unusual to see the 5 of Wands as medicine, as it's usually portrayed as a card of warning. But we need to remember that there is medicine for us in each and every card, and see beyond the surface interpretation. So what is the medicine of 5 of Wands?

Pictured are three decks: Smith Waite, Motherpeace, and Circo Tarot. We can see that across the board, this card is about group dynamics and group energy. Generally this is seen as a struggle within group dynamics, with posturing and competition. But with this comes advice: stand firm for what is important to you, but acknowledge other perspectives and reap the benefits of having your viewpoint challenged. These moments are opportunities to make sure our perspectives are thought through carefully, rather than resting on the comfort of long-held assumptions.

Fires are meant to be stoked. With the intense incubation of Mercury Retrograde, we have been immersed in shadow work. Now is the time to bring this medicine out into the more public realm, and test our growth beyond the confines of the private realm.  We should also remember the medicine of Temperance, and bring that into this next step. We can always build on the medicine of the previous season. The balance and ability to bring harmony to multiple elements will give us tools for working through the 5 of Wands.