Fire and Water: The Alchemy of Beltane and the Scorpio Full Moon

Yesterday we had a Full Moon in Scorpio, and tomorrow is Beltane. Today, we are in between. There is power in liminal spaces, and we are in the alchemical place between fire and water. Yesterday, we had a lovely Full Moon Meditation, where I asked folks to step outside of comfort and sit in their vulnerability. 


The Scorpio Full Moon brings about intensity, as it asks us to confront that which has been exposed but which we don't want to address. Scorpio pulls us into the shadows, with the message that only the darkest shadows can bring about the brightest light, and vice versa. In order to evolve, we have to sink into our depths.  

Scorpio is a water sign. It is axially opposed to Taurus, an earth sign, and seat of the physical realm and stability. In the Scorpio-Taurus axis, we are reminded of impermanence and asked to embrace transformation. Water takes us to the greatest depths and asks us to surrender. With Scorpio, we must turn inwards. The Death card is linked to Scorpio, and the Death card in the Major Arcana is a metaphor for ultimate transformation. It's the shedding of the old self, so the new self can emerge. Beyond that, the old self becomes the fertilizer for the new self. In a nutshell, the ultimate medicine of the Scorpio card is the Phoenix. It teaches us that we need to allow ourselves to burn down, so we can emerge from our own ashes. In the midst of the fires of Scorpio, we find fire.


Which brings us to Beltane. It's so interesting to me that Beltane and the Scorpio Full Moon always happen around the same time. Beltane is part of the Gaelic calendar, and is a fire festival and celebration of fertility. Here we see another parallel to Scorpio. Scorpio's magic is undeniably sexual in nature, and Beltane honors this through ritual sexuality. It celebrates fertility and procreation, both in the plant and animal realms, which includes us, though often we try to stand apart from our animal roots. 

In this liminal space, we can take the opportunity to sit with and understand what it means to hold both fire and water. It is a call to honor both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within us. When we distill Feminine and Masculine energies down to their very basic elements, we are looking at Receptive and Projective energies. The Feminine Divine teaches us how to turn inwards and how to receive. The Divine Masculine teaches us to reach out beyond ourselves and how to project. 

I've talked a bit about the medicine of Temperance in a previous post, and this is a theme that comes up over and over. The teachings of the Tarot are constantly pushing us to challenge our boundaries, and circle back for integration. Temperance should be the constant pursuit, because when we balance our energies, we put ourselves in a liminal space, which is where we can tap in to our greatest medicine and power. 

Happy Beltane all, I'm off to start prepping for a bonfire!