Virgo Season, The Hermit, and an Integration Spread

Happy Virgo season, friends! I took an unplanned August break from writing here to wrap up a big personal deadline. I can't share details on here quite yet, but keep an eye out for a fun announcement soon!

I love Virgo season. Growing up in the Southern Hemisphere, we would be easing into spring and looking forward to the summery holiday season. Now in the Northern Hemisphere, it ushers in the beautiful colors of the fall and carries us into Samhain. 

I feel like Virgo energy is one of the more misunderstood astrological correspondences. Virgo is an earth sign, and deeply rooted. Virgo performs well in the material, tangential realm, and is known for organization and management, sometimes to the point of obsession (I say this as a Virgo, and fully recognize my own neuroses). But I don't see much discussion of the more profound aspects of Virgo, which really make Virgo season a time when we can really dive deep into ourselves. 

In tarot, Virgo is linked to the Hermit card, which starts giving us some hints as to the deeper meanings of this sign. The Hermit tells us the story of someone who willingly separates themselves from society to search for wisdom. They are not secluding themselves with the goal of seclusion unto itself, but rather for the pursuit of growth. This can be compared to indigenous practices of vision quests, where someone leaves the comforts of home and community to journey into nature and experience a powerful shift.   


This is what the true energy of Virgo is about. Beyond the stereotypes of rigidity and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, Virgo is about integration, which is working towards a more holistic union of mind, body, and soul. Virgo pushes us to connect our higher and lower selves, and understand that the sacred in all of us is not separate from the incarnate part of ourselves. So I leave you with that to ponder, and a Virgo-inspired tarot spread to kick off September.

  1. How does my body need to be nurtured right now? 

  2. How does my soul need to be nurtured right now?

  3. How can I better integrate these two aspects of myself?