Facets of the Harvest Season

So we’ve blown through Virgo season and have entered Libra season after a powerful combination of equinox and and full moon energies. On September 22nd, we had the autumnal equinox, one of two days in the year where night and day are completely balanced. Then on September 24th, we had a full moon in Aries, which as part of the Libra-Aries axis, calls us to evaluate our sense of self and the way we interact with those around us.

The equinox also coincides with Mabon, a Pagan celebration of Celtic origins, which is what I want to discuss today. Mabon is the second harvest, preceded by Lammas at the beginning of August. At Lammas, we celebrate the the first harvest, the harvest of the grain. Our altars are adorned with corn husks and sheaves of wheat. Mabon is the fruit harvest, which is why apple picking is such a common activity this time of year.

The energies I want to discuss today are those surrounding the concept of harvest. I’ve noticed that every year, it seems as if my life experiences significant upheaval in September. As I’ve checked in with those around me, it seems as if most of you are also experiencing this. This upheaval happens on a communal level, not just a personal one, which tells us that there are large energetic currents at play.

Mabon is the time of year when we gather the fruits of our harvests, both physical and metaphorical. We tend to plant seeds in the spring, with the start of new projects, partnerships, and relationships. Once the summer comes and goes, these projects are reaching significant milestones in their cycles. When we speak of harvest and gathering the fruits of our labor, we tend to think of everything we’ve accomplished. So at first glance, it can seem contradictory to experience upheaval in the midst of a time of harvest. But when we start to look closer at the process of planting and tending crops, it starts to make sense.


Not every seed will sprout, not every seedling will grow into a healthy plant, and not every plant will bear fruit. And sometimes, even when the plant bears fruit, the fruit can come out rotten or diseased. Not every harvest is successful, and there are lessons to be learned when that is the case. We experience upheaval at this time of year because our seeds are coming to fruition, and unfortunately, some of the fruits are less than optimal. We see projects fall apart, relationships fizzle out, and partnerships crumble. As we evaluate where we are right now, we have to look at everything we’ve invested in and recognize the investments that are paying off versus the ones that aren’t.

With that in mind, I leave you with some of the questions I posed to our moon meditation group last night. I encourage you to take the time to copy these down and spend a few minutes writing down your answers, you might be surprised at the insights you gain.

  • What seeds did I plant this year that were successful?

  • What seeds did I plant this year that didn’t yield anything?

  • What seeds did I plant this year that had negative yields?