2019: The Empress and the Hanged Man

With the turning of the calendar year, we’ve entered 2019, shifting from a High Priestess/Justice year to an Empress/Hanged man year. Each year is linked to a card in the tarot Major Arcana, which we can derive from analyzing the numerology of any year. In 2018, we had: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11. 1 + 1 = 2. The number 2 corresponds to the High Priestess, and 11 corresponds to Justice. In 2019, we add 2 + 0 + 1 + 9, which which gives us 12 (The Hanged Man). 1 + 3 equals 3 (The Empress).

In 2018, the High Priestess called us to dive inwards and contend with our inner truths. The Empress also calls us to turn inwards, but from a different perspective: she teaches us to be receptive. Her biggest lesson is teaching us how to receive love. In a world where we move through life with so much hurt, disappointment, and heartache, this can be a really difficult lessons. So start by asking yourself, are you open to the lessons of the Empress?

Since 2019 is not just about Empress energy, but also about the Hanged Man, what common thread do you see with these two archetypes? The theme of this year is surrender. The Hanged Man represents a voluntary sacrifice, a willingness to break from routine and the mundane, and pursue a different perspective. The path towards this is through surrender - the hanging figure in the Smith Waite Hanged Man card is at peace while suspended, and a halo of enlightenment circles their head as a symbol of their expansion.

The Empress is also calling us to surrender. The lessons of receptivity and love she teaches us can only happen through surrender. In the late 90s movie (seriously, bear with me for a moment here), a wise abuelita asks the female protagonist, “tu nunca vas a conocer al amor si no te entregas a el” (you will never know love unless you surrender to it). We cannot experience the true depth of love (any and all love - self love, family love, romantic love, platonic love) if we hold back. This does not mean there is no risk involved, as we all know there is always the risk of a broken heart, but without the risk we cannot experience the reward of deep love. As you move through personal growth this year, make room to explore these concepts in your life.