Healing the Micro and Macro

Happy Litha, witches! Today we honor the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Litha is one of the four major Sabbats in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, and an opportunity to set energetic patterns in motion for healing and abudance. In the mythology of the reproductive cycle of the Wheel of the Year, the Goddess is pregnant from her encounter with the God at Beltane, and the God is at the peak of his youthful form.  

The contradiction of Litha lies in that while it is the longest day of the year, summer has not truly peaked. The days will start shortening after today, foreshadowing the inevitable arrival of winter. However, the heat has not reached its apex, as the summer days will still get hotter and more intense, bringing us to Lammas in August. Litha is often considered one of the fire festivals, being celebrated with bonfires and feasts. We celebrate the abundance spring brought us, with lavender and rose infused pastries. 

As you gather to honor the energies of the solstice, whether in a group or in solitary practice, I want to ask you to consider the state of the world and offer healing on a macro scale. One of the most important teachings of shamanic work is the understand that our bodies function as a microcosm of the earth. By healing the earth, we heal ourselves, and vice versa. One of our goals as shamanic practitioners is to foster harmony between ourselves, the earth, and the spirit realm.

We are at a time of crisis in the world. The earth and humanity are unquestionably hurting right now. As much as we may feel powerless, we must remember we are far from it. There are many ways you can take action and make a difference through political process, activism, volunteering, and so forth. But we must also remember that our ritual space is also a vehicle for change on a larger scale. 


If you are unsure where to start, I hope you find this quick tarot spread helpful. Asking our helping spirits for guidance is always a good place to start. Using a two-card spread, asking the following questions:

  1. How can I be a vehicle for healing in my community?
  2. What is my first or next step?

As I gather with my wonderful coven, we will be setting intentions to heal both ourselves and our community. While we rejoice in our celebratory Sabbat dinner, we will not forget those who are far less fortunate. Let's use our magic to reach beyond ourselves. 


Tarot Spread - The Situational Mirror

Gemini season is in full swing, and the energies of Gemini are still permeating our lives, calling us to reflect both on our relationships with ourselves and with others. There's been a theme in the conversations I've been having with those around me:  difficult situations are bubbling up, and we are wondering how to address them. There's an old piece of advice, that while sometimes annoying to receive, contains a universal truth: We can only control ourselves, and how we choose to act and react. From these discussions came this new tarot spread, to help us navigate complicated situations in a way that keeps us aligned with our highest and best truths. This spread seeks not only to provide actionable guidance, but to give a mirror so we can evaluate what we are bringing to the situation. 

Mirror spread.jpg
  1. The situation where I am feeling stuck
  2. Where the energy is blocked
  3. What energy I think I should bring to the situation
  4. The energy I should actually bring to the situation for the highest and best outcome
  5. Self care: How I can take care of myself as I navigate the situation

Be gentle with yourselves, and have a great weekend!

PS - Take a look at my workshop page to see where you can catch me this month!

The Mother Wound, The Feminine Divine, and Tarot

This past weekend, I hosted a workshop at Hauswitch in Salem called Maiden, Mother, Crone where we talked about archetypes of the Divine Feminine, associated expectations, and how these play out in our lives. We did meditations with each archetype and shared personal, vulnerable stories. It's truly amazing how much we can unpack when we allow ourselves to be open in safe, sacred space. I'm still finding myself very immersed in thought from all those conversations. 

This workshop was admittedly timed to align with Mother's Day weekend, as this can be such a complicated day for many. One concept we were able to touch on was the Mother Wound. I've seen the Mother Wound defined mainly in two ways, both of which I find extremely important.


The Mother Wound has been defined as an emotional/psychological burden that is passed down along generations of women. Much of it derives from patriarchal devaluations of women, and it gets passed down in subconscious behaviors and thought patterns. As women learn how to cope with societies that don't make room for women to be strong and blossom, they develop coping mechanisms. These are then picked up by the following generations, creating an inter-generational wound. 

The second definition of the Mother Wound is more personal in scope. It acknowledges the special connection between parent and child, and furthermore, acknowledges the lifelong wounds we can carry from this relationship. This isn't about blame - it's not about whether the parent failed, or the child was difficult - because the wound happens independent of being able to objectively analyze and place blame. Whether we grew up feeling unsupported, judged, unheard, criticized, or any myriad of wounds that can surface in a mother-child relationship, we grow up carrying these wounds in one form or another into adulthood. 

There is so much to be said about this topic (and perhaps this will percolate into another workshop), but I wanted to develop a couple of tarot spreads to help you start your inner dialog about this, should it be something you feel called to start healing in your life. Both of these spreads are framed from a perspective of personal responsibility. I did this intentionally - whether or not these wounds came from previous generations or unhealthy relationships we have experienced, it is important that we have agency. We are empowered to take control of our own wounds and start healing them - this does not depend on the involvement of anyone else. 

  1. In what area of my life am I using unhealthy learned coping mechanisms?
  2. How can I bring these into my consciousness so I can begin to change them?
  3. What energy should I bring to this process to help me heal?


  1. Where in my life am I carrying childhood wounds?
  2. How are these wounds affecting my emotional wellbeing?
  3. What is my first step in bringing healing for myself?

I hope you find use in these spreads, and if you want to share your thoughts, please email me! Whether you came to my workshop, just happen to know me, or don't know me at all, I find this to be such an important conversation. 

Tarot Spread for Expansion


This weekend, I found myself some new crystal companions. Having grown up in Brazil, I've always felt an affinity for the quartz family. Quartzes have always felt like home, in that they often are literally pieces of my homeland. Lately, though, I've been feeling drawn to agates, and just got my first pieces of Dendritic or Tree Agate, also known as Merlinite. 

Dendritic Agate is a stone of ritual, shamanism, and magic. It can help part the veils between the worlds. 

It's also a stone of plenitude, abundance, and expansion. By working with or carrying Dendritic Agate, we are inviting these energies into our lives. So I developed a three-card tarot spread with this in mind:

  1. What area of my life is ready for expansion?
  2. What is my first step in allowing or welcoming in this expansion?
  3. What is holding me back?

On April 18th, Chiron moved into Aries, after having entered Pisces in 2011. Chiron in our astrological charts represents our deepest, primal wounds, and our work to fix them. When Chiron was in Pisces, this work was mainly internal. In Aries we move into projective, external energy where we are being called to heal our sense of Self. We are entering a phase of expansion through projection. With this in mind, we can use this simple tarot spread to gain insight on where the energies in our life are shifting with Chiron's sign change.