Tarot Readings

Interested in booking a tarot reading with me?

I use the tarot as a vehicle for connecting with the higher self. Through a tarot reading, we will connect with your subconscious mind and bring forth thoughts and patterns to your conscious mind. During our reading, I will help you get in touch with your inner truth, gain insight on the external forces and energies acting in your life, and find guidance to heal and help you. Each reading ends with an energy work portion, where we reset the energies that are not working to your benefit in your life. 


Book a Tarot Reading - Online or in Person (north of Boston, MA)

Ana's readings always offer me insight, often coming from a place I had not previously considered or taken into account. I always leave thinking of things in a different light after one of her interpretations. Highly encouraged if you are seeking a different perspective on your troubles or a look into your future. - David M.